Hello, My name is Veronica D’ Souza and thank you very much for being a reader of my blog. I am a single mom with two of the most beautiful children that any mother would hope for. My son Ben is 12 Years old and daugther Catchy is 6 years old.

When I was 22, I got my first job at a local tech shop where my job was to input data for day to day sales. I worked in that retail shop for 10 years and eventually got promoted as a manager. Through my career I saw the tech shift happening infant of my eyes as people shifted from DVD players to iPods, TV to TV cards, and simple TV games to PS4s.

My curiosity drove me to create this blog and I hope that you like my posts and stay with me through my journey as a subscriber. Feel free to send your question or queries at: support@theshelby.net