The advantages of using HDMI cables

HDMI Cables Explained (Simply)

HDMI is the short form of high definition multimedia interface. HDMI high speed cables offer a link between a receiver and HDTV.  This technology has created a connection that offers high definition videos and high resolution audios to devices that include smartphones and other portable media players. The available HDMI cables include HDMI mini cables whose connector tip has a cross-sectional area which is 60% less than standard HDMI type A connector. The other one is the micro version of such cables which offer Ethernet data transmission. The cross-sectional area of its tip is 10% smaller compared to mini HDMI cables.


It is the second smallest version of the hdmi cable available in the market. It can be supported by models designed by manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola. These models include Galaxy S, Droid X and Evo G. Some of the functions of micro-HDMI cables include sharing movies, audios, videos and images on any HDMI fortified displays.


This is the smallest connector that is currently available in the market. It is found on most of the new high definition camcorders and high resolution DSLR’s from top ranked designers such as Sony and Canon.


HDMI offers a variety of special features. First, this technology excludes signal conversions and it also supports high definition videos at 24 bits and 165MHz maximum clock frequency. It also offers a bi-directional signal transmission. Third, HDMI technology eliminates the cost of signal translation by supporting up to eight conduit digital audio on only one cable. Moreover, it gives allowance for expansion in future since it offers 5 Gbps bandwidth sparing 55%. Finally, HDMI offers a user-friendly interface since it eliminates the use of multiple cables.

Benefits of using HDMI cables

HDMI integrates both video and audio signals into one cable eliminating the use of multiple cables for transmitting both video and audio signals thereby making it easy to link devices together. Second, data transferred on an HDMI cable remains in its original format. This is as opposed to when using other cables where the data is converted to analog form so as to flow through the cables then converted back to its original format after reaching the receiver. Moreover, HDMI provides a variety of connections using very few cables. This makes the connection process easy and fast. It is also eliminates the confusion that might result due to the use of multiple cables.

Use of an HDMI Cable enables you to use your television in many ways. The use of HDMI technology allows you to convert your television into a computer monitor when necessary. This reduces the necessity of purchasing a monitor as well as a television thereby lowering your expenditure. Finally, HDMI cables provide many connection options after getting converted into DVI through the use of special adapters.

Things to consider while buying the best HDMI cables from the market

In the case where you need to move your equipment on a regular basis you should consider purchasing HDMI cables that are more durable even though they are relatively expensive.The other factors include: Length and resolution.

Always ensure that both micro HDMI cables and HDMI mini cables contain a gold plating preferably before purchasing. This is because gold is a good signal conductor.